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HTC is an affordable VIP transportation 24/7 by appointment Statewide Sedan, SUV, Van, and Limousine Service in Montana. [please scroll down for site pages]
 HTC is an affordable VIP transportation 24/7 by appointmentStatewide Sedan, SUV, Van, and Limousine Service  in Montana. [please scroll down for site pages]

Our Rates

All rates are agreed prior to ride.  There are no hidden costs.

HTC is a statewide Town Car/Limousine  service at competitive rates.  We are not required to publish rates, or reguated for fares.  HTC offers complimentary beverage service; please inquire about any special beverage requests.  Fares in our VIP sedan can fit 1 to 3 passengers and baggage comfortably.  SUV bookings can fit 1- 6 passengers with luggage; best for off pavement travel, or secure winter travel.  Our Stretch Limousine can accomodate up to 6 VIP passengers in luxury.


We have set our rate schedule to be competitive for Sedan Service, SUV, or Executive Van business travel and /or personal travel in Montana or the Greater Helena area. We have by mileage, daily, and hourly rates to accomodate pre-arranged travel.  HTC is authorized by the State of Montana as a licensed transportation provider.  We vet, train our drivers to serve you with confidence.

Public Rates for HTC Town Car Service

Helena Town Car is not Rate Regulated.

Executive Rates vary.


24 Hr. Live Booking: (406) 437-8585

Text: (406) 363-4485





Flat rate (Statewide Sedan) $ 2.00 / mile
               (Statewide large SUV)  $2.50/mile

After Hours (2200-0600)

$3.00/mile or $45/hr

One-Way travel --Daytime Sedan Rates 

Within 5 miles of Pickup                           $25.00    (most of downtown/hotel area)


Within 10 miles of Pickup                          $35.00


Within 15 miles of Pickup                          $45.00


Airport Shuttle - Helena Regional HLN

Airport Shuttle Special (5 mi) $25.00    Day Rate  $30      [10p-6am]

Per-mile rate


$ 2.50 / mile

Per- Hour Schedule

Local travel (by the hour)                              $45.00   (for 3-4 pickup points)


Delivery Statewide                                        $1/mi or as arranged.


Wedding vehicle by the hour                          $40.00/hr.


Stretch Limousine (6 pax. beverage service)     $75.00/hr


Daily Sedan Rate (10 hours)                             $375.00    [days or week arranged]


Wait Time/Standby for customer [per Hr.]........................... $30.00/hr.


Plane-side pickup additional fee (ea pickup/dropoff)..............$15.00


Re-join fee or on-call/text. on-call service........ ...................$25.00


Fuel/Delivery surcharge may apply to serve other parts of Montana.   TBD

Corporate Billing

Helena Town Car Company provides exceptional car service to our customers and payment of agreed fare plus any gratuity is expected at time of service.  Invoicing must have payment [payable to HTC] to Helena, Montana within 14 days.  Please use a corporate or personal credit card via secure transaction [receipt available] if the 14 day window cannot be met.  HELENA TOWN CAR PO Box 5522 Helena MT 59604

Additional Information

This rate page is a best representation of our rates.  HTC has no hidden fees, and a quoted price for your trip is the expected fare. Rates are subject to future changes, and are not required to be posted here or with the state. Gratuity is the discretion of the customer, and is appreciated. If you liked the service, please refer us to your colleagues, family and freinds.  Thank you!


Cancellation Fee:  There is a $50 cancellation fee for agreeing to pay an invoice or confirming a $50 or more booking with HTC, then not using our services. Please note in Montana, transportation contract confirmations can be verbal.


20% non-refundable Reservation fee for holding date for weddings and large functions

20% Late Fee-- Any travel not paid within 14 days is subject to 20% late fee/week.


Accepted Forms of Payment

We will accept cash, checks payable to HTC (with current information) debit/check cards and all major credit cards (AMEX OK), microchip may require manual entry.  Please indicate at final booking the form of payment you expect to use.  Enjoy our service.


Helena Town Car is a premier sedan service in Montana also offiering SUV, Van & Stretch limousine fleet, serving all airports, cities, and remote ranch locations 24 hours a day by appointment. 


Make a reservation Today!

Helena Town Car Company PO Box 5522                   Helena MT 59604 

Helena, Montana

basis of operations.

Three (3) drivers, four Vehicles

[see Service Area page]

Phone: 406.437.8585


Text:   406.363.4485





The Helena Town Car Company


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